Introducing Eighth Fire Starters Radio!

BANNER1Eighth Fire Starters Radio With Rachel Marco-Havens & Sachem HawkStorm. It has long been time for all Nations to find unity and, together, take full responsibility for the right stewardship of our Mother Earth. As more and more people begin to wake up, the possibility of future regeneration feels palpable. Conversations on topics like, true unity and collaboration, sovereign indemnity, decolonization and reclamation, food sovereignty, environmental justice, women and youth leadership, education, creative and spiritual justice merely skim the surface of the colliding intersections we are standing smack in the middle of.  We are excited to host inspiring and engaging conversations with a diverse range of people standing up to shift the singularity paradigm to one of unity and right stewardship.

Listen/watch the show from 3/27/17 on the FB live feed while we process the studio cut  for clear listening. Continue reading “Introducing Eighth Fire Starters Radio!”


Rachel Marco-Havens, aired a 2 hour Radio Show, locally (Woodstock) from 5:00-7:00 on WIOF LP Woodstock 104

Now running for two years, The Same Boat Radio has taken new form. Sachem (Chief) Hawk Storm (Schaghticoke First Nations) will be joining me as co-host in the spring of 2017. Join us as we make the transformation to a new format, and an uprising in guest conversationalists. It’s gonna be HOT!

Without internet at the station, and a minimal web presence, we are working to share the shows whenever possible.

Please take a listen to the following broadcast, imagine a step up in production structure and let us know what you think! 

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This Broadcast was Live with Robert Birch Sachem Hawk Storm and Chief Vincent Mann of the Turtle Clan Ramapough Lunaape Nation and Roberto Mukaro Borrero of the United Confederation of Taino People and the UN Indigenous Treaty Council.
Three chiefs in a Studio Pod!

Hearing from our youth

Our first meeting inspired by the loss of Shama, happened tonite at oriole 9. It was intense, frightening and also inspiring. It was encouraging to sit with close to twenty five people commited to honoring the young people in our community and working toward supporting their passion for life.

We accomplished a lot, identified community members who have incredible gifts and ideas and support to offer. We began a dailog about solutions and we made a commitment to keep the conversation going. Continue reading “Hearing from our youth”


In an article in the Daily Freeman, Supervisor James Quigley recently spoke about his fear that the Hudson Valley would lose the interest of big business now that the people have made our environmental concerns clear, and public. I am hopeful that he is right… and relieved.

“I can tell you that, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had discussions with brokers for other projects, and when I’ve told them what we are going through with Niagara, they’ve said, ‘Thank you very much, goodbye,’” he said.

It seems to me that any company that is unwilling to go through a thorough Environmental Quality Review before setting roots here, would be unfit for the health and well being of the Hudson Valley. Continue reading “FOR THE PEOPLE”

Not Our Water!

The Hudson Vally is being spotlighted again, as a resource of creativity, environmental beauty and sold as a getaway. And the Chambers Of Commerce sure are selling their towns… While a city like Kingston, NY strugglings to be part of the hype, they are shooting themselves in the foot by even considering to allow Niagara Bottling Corp to tap one of our most prized resources. Cooper Lake. Continue reading “Not Our Water!”