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Rachel Marco-Havens is a multiplatform “solutionary” artist, performer, community activator, facilitator and storyteller.

With a strong focus on Women’s Leadership, Youth Empowerment and bridging intergenerational connections, Rachel inspires us to connect the silos of social, environmental and spiritual justice movements in creative ways. “If we are honoring our creative expression in a deep way, Advocacy can be an inspiring avenue for artistic expression. For those of us who are artists first, creative approaches are the only way to stay sane and keep up morale in this work.”

Fostering the expansion of young leaders wherever she travels, Rachel works closely with youth driven activation, mentored by creative young leaders from across the globe.

“A lot happens when we change our mind, and even more happens when we bring creative flow to the movement. We all have gifts to bring to the work, and only together will we weave the strongest threads of our safety net!”

Rachel sits on the Advisory Board of the Center For Earth Ethics and as a Representative for Wittenberg Center focusing on Indigenous and Environmental issues at the United Nations.

Some of Rachel’s Current Projects:

Rachel’s drive to be effective in the world on a grander scale, is fueled by connecting, collaborating, engaging, supporting and promoting those taking local action for global regeneration.

Eighth Fire Starters Radio: Rachel hosts a weekly 2 hour radio show on WIOF LP Woodstock 104 A Community Powered, Pacifica affiliated, radio station in Woodstock.



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