What Are Vocal Cords?

Vocal Cords are simple, gentle reminders—one bead on fine hemp cord. Each has been charged with intention, and bathed in love, with the vision that its Journey be to support clear delivery and expression of the wearer’s vision and purpose. Since that is different for all of us, there are currently six different directions to flow:

In LoveIn SpiritIn Friendship,  In ServiceIn CourageIn Support

Special Orders are most often honored, and there will be more directions to flow as the story is written.


Why Vocal Cords?

People are recognizing the power their voice has, to make a difference in both our own individual experience and in relationship to the greater whole.

The throat Chakra, just above the Heart Chakra, is the epicenter of expression. It is the home of our voice.

We give to the whole with our thoughts, words and actions creating ripple effects with far reaching potential. Solutionary motivation inspires our action, further inspiring those around us.

Set it to just above your collarbone and wear it until it falls off… 

Embracing Impermanence is our greatest opportunity.

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