Interview with Seth Bernard on The State Of Water Podcast:

Racial Equity Panel Discussion—Earthwork Harvest Gathering/Title Track 2019

Earthwork Harvest Gathering 2019 Saturday Night Set In The Barn:

Panel discussion after the screening of Awake a Dream From standing Rock” at the Ossining public library in the autumn of 2017:


A moment with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! At the Indigenous People’s Climate March:

From The Hudson River to Standing Rock, December 19, 2016:

Please watch Tiokasin Ghosthorse from the same evening:

Interfaith Climate Vigil In Support of the community who continues to face the invasion of Spectra/Enbridge’s “Algonquin” Incremental Market 42 inch high pressure fracked gas pipeline which now runs just over 100 feet from critical safety infrastructure at “Indian” point nuke plant. While decommission of said nuclear power plant is  is in process, the community keeps vigilant eye on the process, as that in and of itself is a dangerous procedure, but the infrastructure most threatened by the pipeline remains critical:

At Spinning On Earth With #PathwayToParis’ Jesse Smith & Rebecca Foon

Spinning On Earth Spaceholder
See the whole evening of incredible talent here:
Rachel’s piece begins at 29:08 but please be encouraged to spend a valuable hour watching this beautiful evening in it’s entirety. You will be glad you did.

People Have The Power (^From Spinning On Earth^):

A Branch Of The Talkingstick:

Speaking For Hudson Valley’s Water:

In November of 2014 the Town Of Ulster Supervisor was called to consider municipalities who were clearly affected by his plans for a massive water bottling plant in his town, taking 1.75 million gallons per day from a small lake in Woodstock, which serves as the supply for the City of Kingston, NY— coincidentally and kindly, Kingston provides water to assist him with the water issues in his own Town of Ulster.

**The following clips begin with Rachel—the entire meeting can be viewed by starting at the top of each.

Calling legal compliance, he and the board denied both Woodstock, and Kingston a voice as Involved Agencies in the Environmental Review, while discussing a segmented action, which, is coincidentally, outside of the law.

Somehow, by the grace of community action, the diligence of several and the supportive power of numbers, we were able to send a major bottling company looking elsewhere to land their project. Many in the Hudson Valley Region are still working to secure our infrastructures, repair inter-municipal relationships,    and bolster the immune system of our collective commons with an eye on sustainability and restorative economic development. The Hudson Valley holds too much of New York’s heritage to tackle our economic problems with industrial and urban sprawl…

Woodstock Story Slam 2015:

Woodstock Story Slam 2014:

Some Fun From The Archives!

New Mayden tune! Featuring contributions from Eric StoyeDustin Russell SwanRachel Marco-HavensShamsi RuheBobby BurkeMichael Clip PayneJoe BonesRansom WydnerStephanie Webb:

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I Absolutely LOVED bringing sweet highs to this amazing song!

Vila Vila Kula: