conscious campus logoConscious Campus is a Speaker’s Bureau with an impressive roster of Transformative Speakers, Performers and Interactive Workshops & Discussions. Greg Bura and his team are dedicated to bringing inspiring programs which encourage the expansion of hearts and minds toward a just and regenerative planet. Working primarily with college campuses across the US and Canada, much of Rachel’s booking is handled through Conscious Campus. 

Eighth Fire Starters Radio airs on WIOF LP—Woodstock 104 Mondays from 5:00-7:00 pm, broadcasting out of Woodstock, NY on 104.1. The local broadcast range is limited, but we are working to bring the show to the web. Rachel Marco-Havens has been broadcasting during these hours for two years, as “The Same Boat Radio”, building a strong listenership. The show has been as freeform as it gets, with the new name and a goal to host more and more inspiring and engaging conversations with a diverse range of people standing up to shift the singularity paradigm to one of unity and right stewardship.


The Wittenberg Center is accredited as an international non-governmental organization with consultative status at the United Nations. Our purpose is to facilitate a bridging of ancient wisdom with contemporary life. We are committed to serving the vision of a world where people of all faiths, traditions and colors can come together with mutual regard and where the words of the traditional wisdomkeepers of the Earth are heard and respected. Rachel was appointed as a Representative at the United Nations in 2016, her focus on environmental and indigenous concerns. 


The Center for Earth Ethics seeks to articulate and enact a moral response to the threat that climate change poses to the world — especially to vulnerable communities — and to the ecological destruction that causes climate change. Founded at Union Theological Seminary in 2015, CEE will engage religious traditions, spirituality and social ethics to form a framework for seeking eco-justice. Rachel serves on the Advisory Board with great honor.


The Transcendent Nation Foundation seeks to bridge a perceived gap between those who are currently working on creating a better world through spiritual practice and those who are focused on furthering peace, justice and sustainability through concrete, compassionate action in the world. Rachel has been working with TN Foundation for the last 10 years to assist the efforts on several facets of this inspiring project.

Rachel co-founded eg-ny-copyEarth Guardians NY— the first NY chapter of Earth Guardians, an organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the water, earth, air and atmosphere. EGNY began in Woodstock, and is now reaching out to support new crews in New York as they pop up across the region. Currently there are NY crews in Woodstock, Cortland Manor (Lower Hudson Valley), Suffern, Sullivan County and New York City. Rachel currently works primarily as a Community Engagement Consultant, assisting young people in taking action in their local regions. Rachel works individually with some of the most inspiring young leaders imaginable, and her work with young people spans outside of the Earth Guardians platform. 

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