Rachel Marco-Havens is a multi disciplinary “solutionary” artist.  Her primary medium, communication, ignites collaborative conversations, which often lead motivated people to take inspired, regenerative action in their own communities.

35 years of deliberate personal expansion and immersion in Tibetan Buddhist studies provide the foundation for Rachel’s art, advocacy and activation. She continuously invites us to recognize the interconnectivity between social, environmental and spiritual justice movements.

Be it facilitating workshops, sharing stories, creating art, delivering a keynote, moderating or participating in a panel discussion or whipping up a party—Rachel moves the energy from the ripples of conversation to waves of inspired activity.

She brings unique perspective…

Of mixed race heritage and unconventional upbringing, Rachel began inner-exploration early in life in order to find her way within the seemingly disparate cultural communities she was being raised in. Perpetual travel through a landscape of diverse socio-economic, racial, spiritual and environmental experiences has provided her with strong tools.

She says what many wish they could…

As a speaker, she is courageously willing to speak what others wish they could say, effortlessly bringing difficult topics into unlikely conversations with humor, candor and a light heart. Since early 2015, Rachel has been broadcasting The Same Boat Radio, a weekly two hour program, on Pacifica affiliated WIOF LP, Woodstock 104— a valuable platform for bringing people, issues and communities together.

She stands for and with the Youth…

A fierce advocate for the amplification of Youth Voices, she cherishes the opportunity to honor interdependence by engaging in reciprocal intergenerational mentorship exchanges. Rachel came to community organization and movement building as green as the young people she was being led by. Her mentorship comes with spirit-heart connection and the belief that we should all be growing young.

She engages locally and globally…

Initially moved into public advocacy by a hyper-local threat to the watershed in her community, Rachel chose to celebrate the unprecedented success of local efforts by opening her eyes and rising to the wider call for people to stand in protection. Now, she works closely and intergenerationally with community leaders from a diverse range of focus. She sits on the Advisory Boards of The Center for Earth Ethics and Protecting Our Waters and represents Wittenberg Center For Alternative Resources at the United Nations, where she focuses on Indigenous and Environmental issues. Rachel spent 2015-2016 on the Board Of Directors for the Flagship environmental organization, Hudson Valley Clearwater, playing a pivotal role in carrying the organization through one of its most tenuous years to date.

She values personal sovereignty…

Honoring and upholding the missions of the organizations that she represents, Rachel works to support activists and advocates in their efforts to reverse the threats to our lands, water and the inhabitants who depend on both. Her council is valued among many different projects, yet Rachel remains an independent voice among them. A sovereign approach allows her to work with fluidity, as a bridge between communities, projects and individuals.

“A lot happens when we change our mind, and even more happens when we bring creative flow to the movement. We all have gifts to bring to the work, and only together will we weave the strongest threads of our safety net!”

Some of Rachel’s Current Projects:

Rachel’s drive to be positively effective on a grander scale, is fueled by connecting, collaborating, engaging, supporting and promoting those taking action for global regeneration.

  • The same Boat Radio:Radio Host: Rachel hosts a weekly 2 hour radio show on WIOF LP Woodstock 104 A Community Powered, Pacifica affiliated, radio station in Woodstock.
  • Center For Earth Ethics—Advisory Board Member: CFEE is a forum for education, public discourse and movement building that draws on faith and wisdom traditions to address our ecological crisis and its root causes at Union Theological Seminary in New York City.
  • Wildwood Path—Advisor & Mentor: The Wildwood Path offers support for people of all walks of life who are longing to integrate deeper connections with nature and culture into their efforts to live regeneratively as individuals, families, teams, and communities.
  • Consiouc Campus—Public Speaking & Workshop Facilitation: Rachel is represented by Conscious Campus—A unique speaker’s bureau whose mission is to bring transformative speakers and programs to campuses, corporate events and educational settings across the US and Canada.
  • Work That Reconnects—Toward Greater Solidarity & Inclusion:  Rachel is part of a group of facilitators who have been exploring ways that the facilitation of the Work That Reconnects (WTR) has reflected the industrial growth society’s patterns of harm. The intention of this exploration is to more fully recognize, address, and reframe the ways that power, privilege, and oppression appear within WTR spaces in order to develop the WTR and its facilitators.
  • Haiku For Thought: A collection of Inspi-Rach-ional Haiku—Written, designed, packaged in a deck and released by Rachel. (Currently gearing up for the second printing)
  • Wittenberg Center: United Nations Representative (2016-2018), focusing on Indigenous and environmental issues. (Sadly our Director passed away in 2019 after a lifetime of dedication to Indigenous rights worldwide. We are still mourning her passing. The future of the NGO is unsure)



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