We Are Golden: Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Woodstock Festival and Aspirations for a Peaceful Future, an exhibition at the Museum at Bethel Woods celebrates and interprets Woodstock’s golden anniversary through artifacts, oral histories, and mixed media and connects social movements in the 1960’s to events at Woodstock and beyond by drawing parallels from then to today. Read more HERE


Recap Of Denison University Visit
Rachel-Marco Havens, activist, performer, and storyteller, spent Feb. 7 and 8 at Denison to work with students, faculty, and local activists to help us learn how to engage in activism. As a speaker in Dr. Toni King’s Black Women and Organizational Leadership class, Marco-Havens created a dynamic learning environment. She told stories of her activist involvements, shared her leadership values and philosophies, and discussed the life circumstances and events that shaped her race, class, and gender identities.

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Interview with a Stephanie Van Hook. (First published in the Winter/Spring 2017 issue of Nonviolence Magazine)“The water calls us to be fluid and shows us that paddling upstream and pushing against the system is not the way to change what is happening on shore. I must always remember to take the path of least resistance, as my inclination is to fiercely protect what I find to be sacred, whether that is our children, our elders, the voiceless, disabled or disenfranchised. It is a striving to find and choose the nurturing, healing and loving methods of change.”

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EcoWatch—Sandra Steingraber Jul. 18, 2016 

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“We must move to renewable sources of energy now,” Marco-Havens, 46, of Woodstock, New York, said. “This summer, as fossil fuel build-out escalates, we will continue to escalate our efforts—for the protection of our children and those to come.”

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Transforming that dynamic in the name of water eventually catalyzed my choice to completely change the direction of my life. I am determined to exemplify the move from fear and complacency to being a solutionist. “

Featured in WaterCheck.Biz—by Johnny Burnham July 10, 2015Water Heroine – Rachel Marco-Havens: Think Every Drop

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“I am a mother, a lover, a sister; I am a friend, an aunt and maybe a grandmother some day, and if I had stayed on the couch for the last nine months I wouldn’t even understand the value of showing up to meetings and speaking my voice, staying up all night to study policies and directives of my elected and appointed officials, holding them accountable in a direct way — I wouldn’t even know to feel very ashamed of myself for not picking up an oar,” she said. “But I now have tangible evidence that rowing as hard as we could was valuable and I feel empowered. …But I am only one rower in this lifeboat.”

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Haiku For Thought card featured in Arwen Lynch’s Daily Card pull March 5th, 2013Can You Really Hold On To It?

“Today’s card isn’t a Tarot card. It isn’t one of my Zentangles. It’s from a rather unusual oracle deck. This deck depends on words rather than pictures. It doesn’t give me the out of letting my mind wander. I can’t trip over a meaningful interpretation the way I can on other decks. This one says, “Stop. Think. Consider.” So I will. Today I am told to hold my power.”

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Haiku For Thought card featured in Arwen Lynch’s Daily card draw, December 18th 2012Forgiveness, Haiku and Gifts

“Today’s card is from a brand-new oracle. It is a lovely little deck that can be used in so many ways. I drew a card when I opened it last night and received a very magical message.”

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Hudson Valley One

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